Perfectly placed PPC

Making clicks count – that’s our PPC mantra. The perfect PPC strategy puts your company in a prominent position, bringing highly relevant visitors to your site. It’s about data driven decisions, lowering costs, giving you the best chance of converting.

Successful PPC Strategies

Setting the perfect paid search strategy for your business means we can use all the online options relevant to target your customers. From google adwords and facebook advertising to twitter or linkedin we’ll set a PPC strategy to put you in front of the right people at the right time.

Data driven

The decisions we make are backed up by data to get the most out of your PPC. We’ll constantly evaluate the strategy and the ideas. We’ll use Google gadgetry and good old-fashioned brain power to constantly evaluate and improve.

More for less

A PPC consultant has one mission – to make more of your budget. Increase traffic and lower your cost per conversion. If you’re not getting the ROI you want from existing PPC, don’t worry, there’s always an opportunity to make a difference.

Test, Iterate, Repeat

Getting a new Pay Per Click campaign up and running is just the start. Constantly evolving campaigns, refined and reworked as necessary will improve CPC and click through rates, reducing costs and rocketing your ROI.


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